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Dancing Flames [userpic]

Sudheesh's PhD & turning 25 :)

January 24th, 2007 (08:08 pm)

So much has been happening in the last 1.5months that I barely know where to begin!

But the best and most important piece of news first - We just got word today that Sudheesh got his full scholarship to pursue his PhD in Macquarie University, Sydney! Yippee!! This means he will be away for the next 3.5 years and that we are back to mega long distance relationships, but we are determined to manage somehow! I'm uberrrr proud of him *grins*

We had been wondering over it for weeks now and this morning, he was checking his mail while I was half asleep in bed. I remember hearing the computer being turned on and the next thing I can remember is him saying softly, "Sayang, I got it". Hehehe, I don't think I have ever gotten out of sleep or my bed so quickly before!

I don't think he has had a chance to properly digest the news yet tho...poor kuttan has been down with a terrible case of viral fever since last night. its strange to see him laid up in bed...i miss his cheeky smile:( but yayyyy for the PhD scholarship! :)

I also turned 25 two days ago.

It was strange not having dad with me, after sharing our birthdays for 23 years. It very quiet with just Sudheesh coming down to spend a few days with grandma, amma and me. All the years that Achan and I celebrated our birthdays together, we almost always had our traditional birthday lunch sitting next to each other with both squeezed at the head of the table. I could not face the thought of sitting down to lunch alone, so I brought Mandodari, the stuffed cat he bought me when I was a child, to lunch as well.

Mandodari was one of my favouritest toys as a child and I remember carrying her to bed with me for many years.

Sudheesh managed to make her crouch on the chair to my right where he usually sits, and there she remained through the entire lunch, with her eyes on my food and her front two paws on the table. It brought smiles to my grandma and mom and we all felt like we managed to include, remember and honour dad in our own little way.

Generous family meant I picked up a nice loot too *grins* Money, gold, a brand new handphone and lovely birthday cards. Phonecalls and smses too :)

I will save my stories on the floods for another day.

Today, I will just spend my time sponging him down and getting used to the idea that my love will be leaving in less than a month.

I will miss him.


Posted by: Dancing Flames (inky_quirks)
Posted at: January 26th, 2007 11:48 am (UTC)

you are so sweet, sooraj *hugs you back tightly too* when are u leaving again, ah? My head is like a sieve, everything inside slippinggggg awayyyy!

Hehehhe, courage and resilience indeed :P I'm quaking with nervousness inside! but there is nothing else to do but to make it work since he is too precious to be cast aside! :)

and like he said, its just for a couple of years more...we just hv to bide our time, i guess...only problem is patience has never been one of my virtues :P i'm just praying that the time flies quickly!

Yeah, the plan is to head over there eventually, but i'm not entirely certain i have enuff points to work in sydney on my own accord...i'll hv to check it up :)

*moosh mooshes and cuddle muddles*

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